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Super Wealth Manifestor 1

Mind movies are the behind the scenes prompts that repeat program directions. The attraction in this type of technology is that it magnifies the process of i…

The Wealth Report 2013: Examining High Net Worth Individuals from around the world

http://www.knightfrankblog.com/wealthreport/ Creating wealth, it seems, is hardwired into us as a species. The total number of HNWIs around the world is incr…
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  1. Mind Power Programs

    You’re so welcome, dear. I’m expecting news soon :)

  2. Thanks SO much for your lovely reply.. I feel it working and I will let you know how I get on. :-)

  3. Mind Power Programs

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gratitude and appreciation, Mandi. Giving away those powerful subliminal videos for subconscious reprogramming is what I can do for everyone have a burning desire to change his life completely, becoming a Super Wealth Manifestor. Blessings, peace, love and anything you want! :)

  4. I think this is the best abundance video I’ve watched. It feels full of love and it feels right, and wholesome. I am deeply grateful for the trouble you have gone to, to make this video and and particularly the generosity of it being FREE. May only blessed good things come to you. Love Mandi

  5. Mind Power Programs

    Thank you so much! :)

  6. This is awesome!

  7. so money will come to me when i watch this like opportunities for making money will come in my way?

  8. Mind Power Programs

    Thank you very much!

  9. like this one the best

  10. Mind Power Programs

    It’s an old film effect I used.

  11. Viviana Pereira Guardo

    Porque se ven esas manchas negras en su video ?
    Why are seen the black spots in your video?

  12. Mind Power Programs

    Hey dude, forget about the sarcasm and frustration, you seem to have been frozen in a time of war but now it’s peace. Wake up and say what you have to say, not just mock people around. An opinion is anything else but this irony coming from a feeling of insecurity and uncertainty.

  13. Mind Power Programs

    Thank your so much for overwhelming me with compliments, I’m just glad I can be of any help in manifesting the strongest desires in our real life.

  14. Hey dude this the most intense, absorbing, and just great video. It envelopes both your eyes and ears. Great job!

  15. More money= sugar daddy

  16. That’s stoner talk, you cant drink water by just wishing it to your mouth, you have to go and get it.

  17. Mind Power Programs

    Why lost ourselves in explanations when all we have to do is listen and watch? Would a scientific explanation make you really enjoy the video and constantly watching it? Because I know we search explanation to hide behind reasons to postpone and to drop dead any good idea that crosses our minds.

  18. Mind Power Programs

    Thank you for your positive intervention, missy soliz. Yes, Einstein was right, otherwise he would have never been the greatest scientist of all times who rejected a Nobel Prize. Peace!

  19. If quantum physics is right and it has so far proven to be accurate, this video will bring wealth and luxury to all who watch it. Some of the greatest scientist in world worked in quantum physics, Albert Einstein being one of them. Who also said that creativity was more important than knowledge, maybe this is why.

  20. Sure has the sounds of “Fire and Rain” kindly explain? Exceptional video!

  21. Mind Power Programs

    I can’t tell if you’re joking or not, but cyber begging is not the solution to any problem. I didn’t make money this way and neither any of all the wealthy people worldwide. I’m already giving you enough brain food for spiritual enlightenment but there’s more: you have to be ready. And you’re not. I can’t teach you this, you must discover the secret by yourself, guided by your intuition. The law of attraction works in a single way but how we activate it is different for each individual.

  22. Send me some of that money now Thanks

  23. Mind Power Programs

    Great, we’re clear. The bad thing about chatting is that the punctuation marks and the caps lock are cheating our sense of understanding the real meaning of discussion. That’s why I am an adept of face-to-face speaking or at least a telephone call instead of chatting. But with an e-mail is different, I observe. We’re cool.

  24. I would like to publically make an apology for a joke I made that was not taken that way. Instead was taken very seriously and offensively. Which was NOT my intention. It was just so awesome to see all that money, I spoke the way I would to a friend, and it did not come out the way it should have. So I am sorry. Hopefully it is case closed. 

  25. Mind Power Programs

    That’s why I’ve put the instructions in the description and not inside the movie, as many “specialists” do. These might take over 2 minutes to read and people just want to watch a quality mind movie instead of reading endless chapters on how to do this and that. How hypocrite can they be to pretend they created those frequencies by themselves, giving you the possibility to chose which mood do you want to enter at a certain moment? The scientific descriptions are planted to sustain a fake.

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