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top 10 drift cars

top 10 drift cars

This is my top 10 drift cars. if you don’t argree the choise i made feel free to comment ur choise.



  1. Altezza/is200/300 suffer from Huge Understeer as standard. once you sort out the front camber they would be Amazing cars with just abut more power…

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  2. yeah man but rb and 2hz perfomance parts are very expensive ahah :P i prefer an sr20 det engine or an rb20 wich can give power and can also be cheap ..

  3. daniel paul romualdo

    How about the Initial D Toyota Corolla GTS AE86 is a legend!

  4. Do you like the 350 over the 370?

  5. yea

  6. By gen 2 and gen 3 do you mean the fd and the fc?

  7. supra isnt that great

  8. wheres the 325i at man that shits good

  9. RX-8… 50/50 weight differential and cheap, most all muscle cars massive engines will spin and drift around any corner and enough torque to destroy the straight away, and the gneiss coupe has way to much under spin a simple tune will let you control it.

  10. ok thank you i really learn something thank you again ;D

  11. 1. AE86
    2. RX-7 (gen III)
    3. RX-7 (gen II)
    4. Supra
    5. 350Z
    6. S14
    7. S15
    8. S13
    9. RX-8
    10. Genesis Coupe

  12. MR layout cars aren’t the best to drift. Kind of like the Porsche 911, mid engine or rear engine cars are really tail heavy, therefor the rear tires get a lot more traction out of them, and therefore harder to drift. Much better car to drive? yes. but for drift purposes, no, not as good.


  14. what do you think about toyota mr 2

  15. i think that the hachiroku is the best even if they arent really really chep now that they are legends

  16. bro that top 10 is great but i give nissan skyline r24 top 1

  17. s14>s13/180/200sx wider wheel base ftw. plus comes with a twin cam KA rather than a single cam one.

  18. the evo 8 is AWD.. you probably watched fast and furious and thought “oh it’s rwd” when really that evos’ drivetrain was altered because everyone knows you can drift with AWD.. it just doesn’t work. s15 is god, and r32s are better than r34s for drifting. get it right!! i personally love my zenki s14, but I agree with the AE86 being a legend in the drift world.

  19. s15 supra and the r34 man those cars are so cool tt supra or just regular


  21. I agree the Altezza is Gay !!! SILVIA S15 should be NUMBER 1 Fucker

  22. ALTEZZA LOL gay S15 should be number #1 mate.

  23. You might as well as just posted the link from drifting street.com. This isn’t even your choice, it might be, but you didn’t make up the quotes. Probably don’t know much about the cars themselves anyway, just what your read online, or watching tokyo drift 10x over.

  24. skyline r34 GTR,mazda rx-7 and mitsubishi evo 8! those are the best drift cars in my opinion.the silvia s15 is not bad though

  25. have to completly agree but instead of of the rx7 i wud of put a toyota chaser in and s15 top

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