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Top 10 hottest Celebrities

Ten hot celebs! ***Comment, Rate and Subscribe if u likee!
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  1. justin bieber is not gay so keep ur opinions to urself

  2. cole <3

  3. deadlyheartshapev

    im with u but i don’t hate justin beiber im not a hater anyways he is gay he sounds like a fuckin girl he need to hit puberty if he hasn’t yet

  4. lmao yea my brother asked my mom if the girl ssang good(jb) and my mom wuz like yea “her” voice sounds so beautiful!! XDDlmao my bro and i wuz crackin up so bad!! XDD

  5. at 0:46 omg JB looks like a douche I know! haha that sucks cuz JB is the exact opposite :)

  6. 104Musicismylife

    All those guys are super hott but you should check out Jensen Ackles!!!Just google him!!!He is sooooo Hott!!!

  7. Yeah I thought he was a girl too! when I heard common denominator from a video hat didn’t name the song, I thought it was a girl!

  8. I think you are right about the 10 hottest guys ever:)

  9. JOrJ0RAndFAyeFaYe343

    please ad me as a friend!!

  10. ya he is

  11. he is gay i hate him he sounds like girl

  12. im so wit ya he is gay i hate him i wuz listenin to a song and thought a girl was singin then i ask my sis is this rianha or sumtin and she like no dis justin beava well he sounds looks and is just gay allova!!!!

  13. hollister1213456789

    ya they are

  14. christian beadles isnt even a celeberity

  15. justin beiber is a little gay but he is 15 so he can be

  16. hahaha I knoww :P

  17. Sprouse twins are really HOT

  18. Well Im sorry iwas typing fast idiot : And dont call me a dumb ass

  19. Justin Bieber iss not frickinn gayy.. okiii,…

  20. justin bieber is so gay i fricken hat him so much!!!!!!

  21. you spelled christian wrong and you spelled Justin’s last name wrong,it’s Bieber not Biber.dumb ass spell it right.

  22. Christina beadles and Justin biber hottest guys eva LUV THEM!!

  23. Haha yehh he is cute..
    The sporuse twins and Justin r soo damn hot!

  24. Drew Seeley is hot ok.. idk wa u talkin bout!

  25. Taylor Lautner! In real life he’s first right.
    Eww. Drew Seeley. You’re mest up!

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