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Top 10 Minecraft Songs

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  1. Lukas Šneideraitis

    dygygygygygygygtygygygyg holeholehole

  2. Lukas Šneideraitis

    all have won daimond

  3. Lukas Šneideraitis

    diamond diamond daimond daimond

  4. I DOnt Want Diamonds. I WANT TO DIG HOLES!!!!!

  5. Napoleon Benicio

    Why do I keep responding to my self?

  6. Napoleon Benicio


  7. Napoleon Benicio


  8. Napoleon Benicio


  9. Nayeli Zaragoza

    DiGGY DIGGY HOLE!!!!! :D

  10. Minecraft Song – Joe Penna

  11. All the Songs r cool

  12. Michaela Steimer-Brenn


  13. the first song was one of the oldest songs as it was made 7 weaks befor i stardet play minecraft

  14. Superhalofreak03

    DAFUQ U TALKLIN ABOUT dey had diggy diggy hole and revenge.
    go *uck a snake

  15. this was made in 2011 fallen kingdom wasnt out back then

  16. Wantho Tangwatanawongsa

    how about fallen kingdom

  17. smastercraftgameplay

    I I

  18. dude really? don’t hate. just don’t say they are the worst bro

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  20. I’ll join I join every server I hear about.

  21. LinkscrewLink20170

    I love #10 it’s so original.

  22. robertzdanovec115

    i like diggy diggy hole

  23. Almost all of them

  24. Those are the worst minecraft songs ever

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