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Zumba Music 2014

Zumba music 2014 rock your core with many Zumba songs that include current chart-topping hits, era classics, exclusive re-records and genre-blending fusion z…



  1. Workout Music Service

    Zumba Music 2014

  2. ale gówno!

  3. i like those songs really much ♥.♥
    But does anyone know the song on 11:55?? 

  4. Ваня Хахоло-Балгаристан

    Play LIST pleaseee

  5. Simone Fernandes Da Silva


  6. i like it

  7. Amandine Da Fonseca

    The first song is chiquitam claudia ft papa london

  8. Is it possible to get the complete song list?

  9. What is that music name on 5:36 plzz. :)

  10. jurga davidaviciute

    what song 00:00 ?

  11. you can SHAZAM or SOUNDHOUND these songs! Phone app

  12. the last track is En La Obscuridad by belinda

  13. I have that 2014 Zumba got it for Christmas 

  14. pls help me to get the name of htag all songs pls pls

  15. guys…i want the name of the last song in this track ??

  16. Hamma musik *__*

  17. The first song is Chiquitam (feat. Papa London). It took me a couple of
    days to find it!!

  18. thats perfect

  19. Show De Bola 

  20. Please, how are the names and the interprets of the great songs?
    I will take the songs for my zumba lessons.:)

  21. nice, thanks for sharing and posting :)

  22. what is the name of the first song?
    also,really nice zumba music!

  23. Nice Beginning :)

  24. Jacqueline Negron

    Good morning… Workout music…I am done my workout for 2day 460cal..Have
    a beautiful day..

  25. I wil all music name’s plzz.:)

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