Mehmood Ali (usually Mehmood) was an Indian actor and film director. In Hindi films, he is known and appreciated for their wonderful performance as comedians. In three decades of his career, he worked in over 300 Hindi films. Mahmood was one of the nine children of actor and dance artist Mumtaz Ali. On July 23, 2004 he passed away in the city of Pennsylvania, USA. He was suffering from cardiovascular disease for many years. Last year, his health was very poor.

Mehmood was born on 29 September 1932 in Mumbai. Mehmood initially worked as a child artist in some films. In the language of Hyderabadi Zuban, the audience loved the way of his dialogue and the amazing style of acting soon made crores of people crazy. When Mehmood started taking films seriously, the magic of Kishore Kumar's comedy was on Indian films.

Writer Manmohan Melville has narrated an interesting story of Mahmood and Kishor in one of his articles. It has been said that Mahmood had requested Kishore Kumar, who was passing through a golden period of his career, to cast a role in any of his films. But fully aware of the talent of Mehmood, Kishore had said that how can he give someone a chance to challenge him in the future. Mahmud said in a very interesting answer, "One day I will also become a big filmmaker and will give you a role in my film."

Mehmood proved his point and rolled the Kishor in his home production film Padosan. With the duet of these two great artists, the film emerged as the most fantastic comedy film of Bollywood. Mahmood's health worsened in the last days of his life. He went to the United States for treatment where he died on July 23, 2004.