Qimo 4 Kids was a kid-friendly environment, built entirely with free software. Qimo comes pre-installed with educational games for children. The interface has large colorful icons that makes it easy for users to navigate easily. It is designed especially for children of school. It's a pretty simple idea, it's a customized version of Xubuntu, designed to be visually appealing, yet not overwhelming to children.

Qimo is based on Xubuntu, maintained by the community derived from the Ubuntu operating system, using the Xfce desktop environment. This helps to provide low hardware requirements, minimum of 256 MB of memory to run from the CD, or 192 MB to install. At least 6 GB of hard disk space is recommended, and a CPU of 400 MHz or higher. Qimo 2.0 was launched in May 2010 and stopped developing in 2012.