ICICI Bank Ltd. is the second largest financial services in India, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The bank was founded in 1994 by the Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India, an Indian financial institution, as a wholly owned subsidiary. The holding company was formed in 1955 as a joint venture at the World Bank, public sector banks and Indian public sector insurance companies to provide project financing to the Indian industry. This bank was originally known as Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India, before changing its name to ICICI Bank abbreviated. The holding company is then incorporated into ICICI Bank.

ICICI Bank offers a variety of banking and financial services products to corporate and retail customers through various shipping channels and through specialised subsidiaries in investment banking, life and non-life insurance, venture capital and asset management. In 2016, the bank has a network of 4,450 branches and 13,995 ATMs in India, and has a presence in 19 countries, including India.