Union Bank of India

Union Bank of India is a public sector unit of India, of which 55.43% shares the capital with the Indian government. The bank came into the capital market on August 20, 2002 with the initial public offer (IPO) and flow-on public offer in February 2006. At present, 44.57% of the bank's assets are with the capital institutions, individuals and others.

In the past years, the bank has earned the reputation of being a techno-savvy bank and is a leading bank in public sector banks with modern banking ideology. It is a leading bank to introduce Core Banking Solution in 2002. Under this solution, all the branches of the bank and 1135 ATMs, all core banking customers, whether they are individuals or are involved with corporate, online telebanking facility. In addition, multi-functional internet banking service provides customers with extensive information about their accounts and various aspects of banking. In addition to our regular banking services, customers can also get other value-added services like cash management services, insurance, mutual funds and demat account.

In the beginning of the twentieth century, Union Bank of India was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi.