Sridevi - Nagina (Film)

Famous actress Sridevi is still famous as a Nagin. She played the Nagin Character in the 1986 film 'Nagina'. Amrish Puri played villain in the film. This movie was a superhit film of that period. This is a Bollywood film from which 'Nagin Dance' was started. 'Nagina' film released in 1986, Sridevi played the role of Icchadhari Nagin named Rajni. The trend of snake-making films in Bollywood has increased rapidly after 'Nagina'.

In the film, Sridevi had forced viewers to believe that they are really a wishful serpent. You must be surprised to know that "Nagin" character was first offered to Jaya Prada. But Jaya Prada was scared to hear about shooting with snakes and she refused to work in the movie.