And Then There Were None

Sepuluh Anak Negro is the title of an Indonesian edition of the book for the mystery novel Ten Little Niggers (United Kingdom) or And Then There Were None (AS) by Agatha Christie. The title of the book is the theme song title in this book, which is a children's song, as well as being the backbone of the story plot. The song tells 10 negro children who disappear one by one as well as the disappearance process.

The Indonesian edition was first published in 1984 by PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama. In the 3rd print, which was published in 1994, the title of the book was changed to And Then There Were None: Then Everything vanished.

Ten people, everyone with big secrets hidden tightly, were invited to a mansion on a remote island without a host. On the island, one by one the guests disappeared or died after the secret was opened. The most tense is the insertion of 10 Negro Kids songs at the beginning of the chapter. Describes how the next character will die. Is it because of greed, cheating, crime, etc. Very stressful. The most frightening... of course because murder was carried out in a closed room. No one can enter, but still the occupants of the room die. At the end of the story, the letter in the bottle opens the secret, after ten of the dead, including the murderer who committed suicide after rising from his death and killing nine others.

The original edition in English was first published in the United Kingdom under the title Ten little Niggers by William Collins Sons & Co. in London in 1939.