Federation Tower

Federation Tower is the name of a skyscraper built from 2005 to 2017 in the new Moscow business district Moscow City.

The complex of buildings consists of two towers: the 374 meter high tower with 95 floors has the official name Vostok, the 244 meter high tower with 63 floors the name Sapad (German corresponding to "East" and "West" or "Orient" and "Occident"). Between the towers was a 506-meter high, connected on several levels with the two towers antenna is planned. In 2014, however, was decided not to build them, and the already built lower part was removed again.

The complex should be completed in 2011 according to plan. The construction started on the smaller Sapad tower, which was completed in 2008. It was followed by the construction of the Wostok tower, which was interrupted due to the financial crisis. In the meantime, this should be completed with only 243 meters final height. In autumn 2011, bought the Russian Sberbank, the 85th and 86th floor for their own VIP office in the higher tower Vostok and gave a loan of 370 million US dollars for the completion of the construction project in original design in, 2014.

Architects of the building are the Berlin Sergei Tchoban and the Hamburg Peter Schweger. The construction costs were originally set at around 390 million euros. The building will include restaurants on the upper two floors, a viewing platform and a fitness club with swimming pool. The Russian bank VTB, which initially financed 50% of the investment, will occupy 30 floors. In addition, a large part of the tower Wostok is reserved for the luxury hotel Grand Hyatt Moscow.

On April 2, 2012, a fire broke out on the 67th floor of Tower Wostok at an altitude of approximately 250 meters. Also underlying floors were reached by the fire, which could be brought by firefighters using helicopters under control.