Johnny Bravo (1997 - 2004)

Johnny Bravo is a cartoon series produced by Cartoon Network and created by Van Partible. Johnny Bravo received generally positive reviews and is considered a Cartoon Network series icon. During its tour, the series was nominated for 4 Annie Awards, 1 YoungStar Award and 2 Golden Reel Awards.

The series focuses on the main character of Johnny Bravo, a blond and muscular man who persecutes all women who pass by his side, but none heed. Constantly looking for a woman who is willing to stay with him, but even when he seems to find one, things go wrong and women end up hitting him. Johnny Bravo has great similarities to Elvis, a famous rock singer and actor James Dean.

Live in a fictional city called Aron City. The series has references to pop culture and jokes aimed at astute adults who would understand much of the humor of the series.